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Amy-B-Schlegel-Logo-1Mission Statement:  Compassion, honest business practice and dedication to the highest quality of patient care.

Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel  holds a doctorate in Chinese Medicine for neuromuscular medicine/pain management as well as women’s health.  A specialty in emotional health also enhances the care you will receive in her clinic.  Amy offers her patients assistance in their own body’s power to recover quickly, especially when there is a great desire for health and willingness to improve lifestyle.

Patients come from all walks of life for treatments to address recurring pain, acute or chronic health concerns, or profound life changes such as a move, career shifts or pregnancy.  The effective use of acupuncture channel treatment can facilitate smooth and peaceful lifestyle transitions through both emotional and physiological balancing techniques.  This is often referred to a restoring the patient’s free flow of qi.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is effective at treating many things that are difficult to treat using Western medicine such as neuropathy, insomnia, migraines, PMS, menopausal symptoms and postpartum depression.  Digestive ailments such as IBS can also be greatly improved through Chinese Medicine therapy as well as preventative care for heart health, cancer treatment side effects, asthma, allergies and more.

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