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A student of plant medicine and yoga since 1993. Passionate about Traditional Eastern Therapies since 1997.

In Acupuncture Practice since 2002.

Inspired by my two grandmothers; one a diviner and one a saint-like empath. Empowered by dreams and a vision quest to heal and to mother.

Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel practices Qi Gong  and achieved a doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Five Branches University.  You can expect blend of western medical experience and intuitive healing.

Neuromuscular Medicine/Pain Management and Women’s Health are the specialties of Amy’s doctorate. 

Amy guided acupuncture students in the traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation department at CPMC, Davies, San Francisco and collaborated in perinatal research at Lutheran Medical Center, NYC. 

Patients achieve radical health improvements and express gratitude for the empathic personal care that Amy offers.

Clients are empowered to deepen their path to greater self healing.  Light touch and gentle needle techniques ease symptoms of anxiety, adrenaline overload, chronic pain, emotional trauma, acute injuries, digestive issues, lack of sleep, women’s health concerns at every stage of life and overall stress and fatigue.  Your treatments may include manual therapies, Chi Nei Tsang therapy, gua sha, moxibustion and cupping as needed.  Diet and herbal recommendations are also available.

Amy is proud to have met many babies whose parents experienced successful acupuncture sessions to promote vital qi and fertility.

Weekly and monthly acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang sessions, as needed, help prevent illness and promote longevity.

We accept insurance and offer super bills for your reimbursement.


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