The Practice of Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel L.Ac, D.A.O.M

Dr. Amy Schlegel has been studying and practicing in the world of herbalism and qi; refining her art of Traditional Taoist Medicine since 1993. 

Dr. Amy holds a a Doctorate in Women’s Health and Neuromuscular Medicine and Pain Management from Five Branches University, a Bachelors in Art History from SF State and and a Masters degree in Acupuncture/Traditional Medicine from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine.  While pursuing a doctoral degree, Dr. Amy assisted Claudia Citkovitz in researching postpartum depression and tongue diagnosis at The Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Dr. Amy also studied herbalism under Dr. Gong Yiping at the Zhejiang University in China.

Amy is a student of  Chi Nei Tsang through Chi Nei Tsang master Gilles Martin.  Gilles Martin is student of Mantauk Chia and has brought Chi Nei Tsang to the west for the last thirty years.  

Personal Bio:

Practicing qi gong and  yoga, tending a garden and bees, swimming in the ocean and spending as much time in nature and with my loved are the best ways I’ve found to cultivate spiritual balance and emotional well being.

Living between the magnificent bay in San Francisco and the along the majestic coastline of Laguna Beach is something to feel gratitude for every day. 

When not working or enjoying the natural and urban beauty, my family and I try to get away to far away places like Iceland and Mongolia.