The Practice of Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel L.Ac, D.A.O.M


Dr. Amy Schlegel has been studying and practicing in the world of herbalism and qi; refining her art of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1993. 

Dr. Amy has vast experience in the healing world.  Early in her practice she ran a busy practice in Santa Barbara, assisted patients with drug rehabilitation through CADA using Auricular acupuncture and offered community acupuncture at Duell Chiropractic. 

Later, in an attempt to deepen her knowledge of healing, Dr. Amy pursued a doctorate in Women’s Health and Neuromuscular Medicine through Five Branches University in San Jose, CA. and completed intensive training in China at Zhejiang University under Dr. Gong Yiping. 

As a professor at ACTCM in SF she taught acupuncture classes, and supervised clinic shifts.  A highlight of Amy’s career is when she was able to guide acupuncture students in treatments at the traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation department at CPMC, Davies in SF.   

Dr. Amy has experience with the hospital birth wards and perinatal care clinics from doing research at Lutheran Medical Center, NYC Langone Hospital, Brooklyn with Claudia Citkovitz.  Dr. Amy is also grateful to have assisted Midwife Angelika Nugent with acupuncture and hands on healing at home births in San Francisco.

Dr. Amy believes that we need to improve the compassion level of medicine and the time spent listening and caring for patients.  The goal is to value the individual to empower patients to find healing within. As Shakespere said, “Sweet flowers take time, weeds make haste.”

Personal Bio:

This past year I have chosen to spend more time with family, slow down and meditate more.  It has reaped positive results.  I’m now pursuing a long term dream to open a practice in the east bay and am overall a happier person.  It is important to care for our loved ones, to sleep, to dream and to begin something new.  I hope to continue growing personally and professionally to be of better service to my patients and community.