Dr. Amy’s Work Experience

Inspiration: In 1993, Dr. Amy relished living on 400 acres in Sonoma County, California, on the Russian River.  She explored wildcrafting herbs there, making tinctures, liniments, and salves. She took classes at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, compiled a library of herb books, and consulted local folks familiar with herbal traditions.  One day, Amy came home to discover two scorpions in her mortar and pestle.  These natural Chinese remedies piqued her interest in exploring Chinese medicine further.  The diagnostic technique of seeing body systems as a whole with correlations to natural elements and treatment techniques based on individual body types inspired her to enroll at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, the first Traditional Chinese Medicine school in California.

Early Study and Career: Dr. Amy Schlegel began her private practice in Santa Barbara in 2002 after graduating from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine and passing the  California and National boards. In Santa Barbara, she also provided care for patients through The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA). There, she administered ear acupuncture for patients in recovery from Alcohol and drug abuse.

Further Education and Doctoral Study: In 2007, Dr. Amy entered one of the first doctoral programs for acupuncturists in the US at Five Branches University in San Jose.  Dr. Amy did an extended study in Zhejiang, China, and helped develop a research project to understand better the symptoms of women with postpartum depression through New York University’s Langone Center in Brooklyn with Claudia Citkovitz, the well-published author of research in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as completing an externship in acupuncture with Claudia there in birth and delivery. Dr. Amy completed her Capstone Thesis on Postpartum Depression.

Teaching at the Graduate Level: In 2009, Dr. Amy accepted a teaching opportunity at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), taught Acupuncture Points, and facilitated student treatments at the school acupuncture clinic. Dr. Amy also had the opportunity to oversee student treatments at the Davies Medical Center CPMC in the Traumatic Brain Injury Department in San Francisco.

Practices Throughout California and Home Births: Over her 23-year career as an acupuncturist, Dr. Amy cultivated busy practices in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Oakland. This experience has allowed her to see patients from various economic, cultural, and social backgrounds.

Dr. Amy worked alongside Angelika Nugent of San Francisco Midwifery from 2012-2019 to provide comfort and care for laboring patients with massage, acupuncture, and moxibustion. She still offers these treatments to Ojai patients and patients in the surrounding areas of Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

Current Practice in Ojai: Dr. Amy dreamed of having a practice surrounded by trees and a garden of herbs to source and serve patients tea from during their visits. That dream came true when she moved her practice to Ojai in 2022. Her current treatment room in the Mira Monte neighborhood of Ojai also offers an infrared sauna.