Chi Nei Tsang


Chi Nei Tsang is perfect for patients who may be sensitive to needles.  A very gentle touch (peace touch) is used to listen and communicate with your own body’s qi to activate your personal potential for healing.  Chi Nei Tsang pre-dates acupuncture in the Taoist history of healing. 

Chi Nei Tsang can be deeply relaxing.  Chi Nei Tsang improves digestion, both physically and emotionally.  Although some dream time is beneficial during the session, there is great value in directing the breath to areas of discomfort during the session.

Although there may be some back or side lying treatment time, Chi Nei Tsang is primarily practiced on the belly.  Similar to using the ear to treat the whole body in acupuncture, Chi Nei Tsang reaches the whole body and psyche through belly work.  The belly button is of particular interest as it is where the umbilical cord once connected us to our primary source of life, the placenta and the mother.  Not surprisingly, Chi Nei Tsang is beneficial in promoting fertility in both men and women.

It is common for people to hold undigested emotion in the belly area and even old traumas that can be gently resolved through touch, awareness and breath.

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