I have been a patient of Amy’s for almost a decade, and during that time my health and well being has improved greatly.  Amy is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable – her treatments and recommendations have helped me to treat back pain and improve my emotional well being.  Meg W.


Amy is nothing short of a miracle worker.  I came to her with severe back pain and she was able to make it disappear.  She is a true healer and has one of the largest, most beautiful hearts of anyone I ever met.   She is an expert in her field and also a joy to be around.  She really cares about her patients and seeing them get better.  I feel so lucky to have found her.  Ambre M.

 Amy is a wonderful acupuncturist! She has such a sweet, nurturing energy and is a powerhouse of knowledge.

She has especially helped me with my eczema rash and used herbs and acupuncture to completely solve the problem. She has also treated and resolved my chronic sore throats and helps me manage anxiety and stress.

Don’t hesitate to contact her and see what acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do for you!  Thea B.

 After a 2nd allergist and another acupuncturist could not keep with my allergies, I started seeing Amy as she was in the neighborhood. Amy’s treatments have been amazing. She’s extremely knowledgeable in both acupuncture and herbal remedies. Amy is very keen on tailoring a creative therapy that worked for me, more than just following traditional/regimented Chinese pressure points. (As an FYI, regular treatments is key–noticeable change will happen after several sessions.)

What makes Amy even more amazing is that she’s an instructor and program advisor for acupuncture at ACTCM. From one of our social circles, we’ve heard absolutely wonderful news about her as a teacher as well. I highly recommend Amy as an acupuncturist and herbal therapist  Dante G.

 Amy is one of a kind.  I was working a job that I greatly disliked and was suffering from numerous stress ailments. Amy could get rid of them all and I would leave her office with so much bliss! As I have moved away from California, I have yet to find a practitioner that can do so many things so well, consistently. Ariela E.

 When I was injured in a bike accident, I called Amy on a weekend and she immediately scheduled me for the first of several treatments. The stress I felt was as worrisome to me as the pain in my hip, but Amy’s calming, compassionate, and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease. Her attention to detail and level of expertise surpassed my expectations, and I was especially impressed with the way she communicated with me during our appointments. Amy made me feel cared for, safe, and relaxed; she is a natural and gifted healer. Jessica G.

I had exhausted the Doctor and MRI route and was told to live with my upper hamstring pain and limitations. As a triathlete, that was not going to work for me. I tried acupuncture with Amy, described my symptoms and right away she said, “has anyone ever mentioned sciatica?” They had not. Six or eight treatments later, I was 100%. She knows what she is doing.  Michael K.


Two accidents I suffered years ago (automobile and hang gliding) had left me with increasing pain and weakness in my left arm and hand. As a writer it became difficult and at times overwhelmingly painful and distracting to type at my keyboard.

Amy listened very attentively and patiently to my accident stories and symptoms. She then focused on just a few acupuncture points. The first points were soothing and what I’d come to expect… but the last point really kicked my healing process into another realm.

Immediately my entire body felt dramatically lighter. The pain dissolved and over the next few weeks my strength gradually returned. After years of dealing with chronic pain Amy’s treatment was truly a gift.

Whenever I’m writing I give credit and thanks to Amy for the words that now flow painlessly and powerfully onto the page.  Jon Z.


“My back hurts…,” or “my stomach is upset” is usually how my call to Amy began. I have a job that is often stressful and the pressure seems to work its way into my system through one of those two areas. Amy has an efficient and direct manner for dealing with the ailments, and a gentle and soothing touch for quelling the pain. Rather than waiting for something to be out of balance, I discovered the benefit of taking action before I get sick and lose work time.

I enjoy seeing Amy simply because she obviously cares and her environment supports that feeling, leaving me less anxious and more relaxed at the end of our session.  Randy S.


 Acupuncture, massage and herbs…what more could you ask for? About a year ago I came to see Amy because I was having sciatica problems. As a professional dancer and instructor I was having pain and discomfort when I danced. I have found that acupuncture helps!

Amy provided massage to ailing parts of my body, and worked the areas to loosen them before receiving the needles. She also provided information on my health holistically and encouraged a healthier diet catering to my particular active lifestyle. I was also provided with herbs to balance out my deficiencies. I always left feeling at ease and a deep sense of renewal in my whole body. I no longer suffer from sciatic problems thanks to her healing hands! Denise W.

 After orthoscopic surgery… to repair several ankle breaks as a dancer, Amy’s able and diligent application of moxa and acupuncture healed the ankle in 1/3 the time expected and I am still dancing today, five years later! Alexandra K.


Amy Baird is a wonderful body worker and acupuncturist. She practices holistic medicine in the sense that she really looks at the whole person every time she considers treatment. I always get the sense that Amy genuinely cares not only about her patients but how she can contribute to their overall health and well-being. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to educate herself and expand her capabilities beyond what is required. I not only love and admire Amy but I greatly respect her as a practitioner and as a friend. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Katie C.


Amy Baird is one of the most compassionate people I know. She is a true professional who listens to the clients needs and meets the client where they are at. I highly recommend her.

Nicole G.


If you recall I have seen you in the past for acupuncture treatment for: lower back pain, shoulder pain, nausea and a stiff neck.

I could not believe that you were able to work on me relentlessly, and address all my issues in one session. That was very impressive.

The end result was great, especially, my nausea and my neck pain which disappeared almost instantly. My lower back pain and my shoulder pain were significantly better, something I could not experience with Chiropractic treatments.

So, thank you very much for your expertise and for making me feel better.

Farris H.