Lifestyle Recommendations:

Sleep, meditate, stretch, walk, and spend time in nature.  Find your favorite natural exercise.  Example: swim and dance regularly to enjoy life.

The Body Scan:

Take a tai qi or yoga class to maintain health and longevity.

Tai Qi: Watch the classes of Ken Mead Jnr and/or Mimi Kuo Deemer on YouTube


There are many good teachers on

Drink four pints of pure water daily and enjoy two to six cups of vegetables daily for gut health.  Take a probiotic or fermented food regularly.

Spend time with both elders and children. Find the people and experiences that bring you joy and peace.

Receive fifteen minutes of sunshine daily to improve serotonin and melatonin production.


Herbal Suggestions:

When treating internal conditions such as sleep disorders, heartburn, digestive disorders, or hormonal issues such as irregular periods or menopause, herbal formulas are often recommended.  Painful conditions can also be eased with the addition of an herbal formula.  Some patients are concerned about the quality of Chinese herbs.  This is why we source from companies using the highest quality control standards.  These companies are:

May Way:

Spring Wind Herbs:

Evergreen Herbs:

Brion Herbs/Sun Ten:


Mountain Rose Herbs: